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All Ready to Get Your First Tattoo? We TellYou Everything You Should Know.

Top Tattoo Artists from San Antonio share some incredible Dos & Don’t to help you make this experience a pleasant one! Guiding you with tattoo tips to pick a design, place orders,appointments, pricing, and, most importantly, the after-care process.

So, now that your phone is filled up with the screenshots and bookmarks of tattoo inspirations & you are finally determined to get your First Tattoo. But not sure what to do & how to proceed forward? Don't worry; we got you covered!

To prepare you ahead for the permanent art on your skin, we have compiled a comprehensive guide for getting a tattoo. We asked Noah, David, and Cesar, some popular artists in San Antonio, for their insights on every step of the process.

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This blog will help you exactly know what to expect, how to prepare for the appointment, what to expect, how to finalize the design, and things you should avoid doing.

These tips may not decrease your pain but will definitely make the process memorable and not intimidating!

Tip#1: How to Pick an Artist?

So, as you are all new to tattooing, you may find it difficult to pick an artist. And in cases like

these, it's better to do some research work! YES!! You need to research. Why? Because an

inexperienced tattoo artist may ruin your Experience Forever!

Wherever you reside, start by looking into some top tattoo artists' profiles, follow them on Social

Platforms and start your research by looking into their portfolios. Before finalizing any artist, be

sure with some important factors,

● How many years of experience do they have?

● What types of tattoos do they do?

● Go through Online Reviews.

Connecting with the artist will work in your favor. How? Well, following them will tell you more about them personally, their challenges, their passion, their story, and more. So if you love the artist, you will surely love their artwork even more.

Tip#2: Get an Appointment

Every artist has a different procedure that you need to follow if you want to book an

appointment. Some of them may ask you to send them an email; others give links on their

Instagram profiles or Website, links may direct you to a form that you need to fill with all the

essential details. Whatever the case is, here are some pro tips for your first time tattoo


1. Desire Design: You have to be specific with your requirements. Make sure to include

whether you want a color tattoo or not. It is helpful to attach a reference image to make it

easier for the artist to understand your vision better. However, just do not expect your

final design to be exactly like the reference, as some artists are very particular about the

"Not Copying the Artwork." of some other artists until you have the permission.

2. Placement & Size: We would suggest you to rather than stating your tattoo size as

small, medium, or large. Explain the dimension in inches. However, don't worry if you

are not precisely on dimensions; the size & the estimate is just for the estimate.

3. Availability: One of the important things is to be specific about the time and date that

work perfectly for you so that you won't have a lot of back & forth with the tattoo artist.

4. Skin Tone: Some artists may find it complex to make a tattoo work for your skin tone.

However, artists at platinum tattoo promise to make any design work for you no matter

what color your skin complexion may be. So if any artist tells you anything like this

design won't work for you, it's better to switch to a better artist.

Tip#3: Prepare Yourself for Appointment

Depending on your desired design, San Antonio-based tattoo artist suggests visiting the studio for a quick in-person consultation before coming for the appointment. It's helpful for the artist to help them get a clearer image of the design you need.

Moreover, as this is your first desired tattoo, it's better to visit for the consultation for the general idea of what designs they hold expertise on and what body parts they can work on for the best end result. Some more important first tattoo tips from the artists themselves are,

1. You should take a good sleep before you show up for the tattoo appointment.

2. Avoid any alcohol or drugs consumption before the night of your appointment.

3. Stay hydrated and eat before you arrive at the studio.

4. Arrive 30 mins before your appointment.

Moreover, if you have any skin condition such as eczema in the particular area you want to get your tattooed, you should inform the artist prior to a flare-up; it's better to delay the


Tip#4: On the Arrival

We know how excited you are about your tattoo. But in all this excitement, don't forget to follow these important steps once you arrive at the Tattoo Studio.

1. Don't forget to wear a mask throughout the procedure.

2. Go ahead and wash your hands before you fill the consent forms.

3. Take a double check before you leave your home for your ID.

4. Be there at the scheduled time to give your artist ample time to clean, prepare, and avoid

overlapping with other appointments.

5. Make sure that you and the studio is following all COVID safety guidelines

Tip#5: Give Your Design & Placement another Look

After you complete the consent form, your artist will show you the final design one more time. So if you feel like making any adjustments, this is the time, speak up about the changes in your head because this artwork will stay with you forever. However, make sure you give your feedback respectfully. "Keep your head straight, and remember you like the work of this artist, and you contacted them because you trust their skills & vision," David says. But also don't forget that it's your write to make changes, but communicating it politely is a perfect choice.

Moreover, remember if you want a tiny tattoo, as not all tattoos can be tiny as it needs to be

enlarged to make the minor details prominent. So it's better to trust the artist as they have put their whole life creating art and know what size the tattoo should be.

However, if you hope your first tattoo will be a smaller one, it's best to talk to your artist about the design and placement. Remember that the size will not reduce the tattoo pain, but we suggest you choose a less sensitive area for your tattoo.

Tip#6: Be Ready for the Tattoo

When it comes to the actual exciting part of the process, we want to give you ahead with some

more tips on how to prepare for a tattoo. You have to notice whether or not your artist is sterile,

clean the supplies. You also have to be sure that they are using new packages.

So as your artist is done with the setting process, and you lay down on, try and stay as still and calm as possible. During the process, if you ever feel uncomfortable, lightheaded, or need a break to stretch, don't hold back and let your artist.

However, there are some more things to know before getting a tattoo, it will be the most painful one, and you may regret it halfway through the tattoo, but just don't give up!

Remember that "Your body builds up natural adrenaline, the pain generally begins

to taper off."

Tip#7: Folding Things Up

So once your tattoo is complete, your artist will go on to bandaging or taping plastic wrap

around your tattoo. So now it’s time for the billing; you won't be surprised as for sure your artist or the studio manager would have already told you the price for the tattoo. However, make sure to be clear in

advance how do they accept payments because there will be chances where some studios only accept cash. Moreover, let's give you the go-ahead that there is no standard price for a tattoo; it differs with artist, artwork, size, and placement too. Be respectful of the pricing. However, Platinum Tattoo offers some amazing discount offers if you are getting a tattoo for the first time. So you can always check out their offers and talk to the artist about them.

Tip#8: After Care

This is the most important yet tattoo basics tip. Before you leave the studio, your artist will give you a brief on aftercare instructions. So, in all that pain, don't ignore it. They may also give you an instruction slip so just keep it safe.

When can you get a tattoo bandage/plastic remove? Well, within a couple of hours. The most important thing to do for as long as two weeks is to minimize exposure to the sun and not submerge or wet your tattoo in a pool, river, lake, tub, jacuzzi, etc.

In addition to all this, you should not do one more thing, and when we say not, it means not

under any condition.



All you are suggested to do is gently wash your tattoo two to three times daily. Continue to apply After Inked Aftercare lotion or non-scented lotion two to three times daily, or as needed, for a minimum of two weeks.

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